Oceanclean El Salvador

This project started in the middle of the Corona madness, May 2020 in the quiet village of El Zonte, El Salvador. Along with the local Roman, a very popular and caring resident who cares deeply about the well-being of El Zonte society. Roman told me that he has had a dream of organizing a cleanup project for El Salvador for a long time.


Our story

My ears grew very long and I immediately offered him my willingness to help. And so we finally publicized OceanClean El Salvador and organized, still very modestly due to the lockdown, some ocean cleanups in the vicinity. There was a lot to do here especially in the rainy season as with all the rain and non stop swell there is quite a lot of trash brought in here and I'm not exaggerating by any means. But feel free to convince yourself of this with the following pictures.

With a strong community for a clean El Salvador

In the beginning there were "only" cleanups in El Zonte, where Roman and I mostly lived. With the help of this incredible community consisting of locals, kids, surfers and tourists, we have already been able to implement a large number of cleanups and have also managed to do many neighboring towns such as El Tunco, Palmarcito, K59, Punta Roca, Playa Shelpa and many more. to clean.

Our goals

We would like to start with the cause of the problem and are committed to early education on the subject of waste in schools.

We hold creative workshops with artists and want to inspire the children with ideas about recycling.

surf paratodos
Strengthen and support the young generation of El Salvador through regular surf lessons.