Handmade in Austria

Handmade in Austria

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Happy to show you my latest "project", this time there are handmade headbands with twist and cable pattern in 3 colors. 🙌

I'm unbelievably satisfied with the result, mainly because the implementation worked straight away. And the fabric is soooo soft as there is an ingredient of viscose in the fabric. ☁️💮

Why am I actually doing this myself? 🤔 I'm generally a very stubborn person and when I have an idea, it has to correspond 100% to my ideas.

Of course I researched productions with headbands in advance, but I was rather dissatisfied with the selection and then they should also be sustainable. 😱

Therefore, my logical conclusion was 👉 do it yourself, find suitable material and small edition, for an individual product that not every second person owns. ❣

The chic things will soon be available in the online shop.

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