From Trash To Treasure

From Trash To Treasure

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As avid sea lovers, surfers and travelers, we appreciate the endless beauty of the ocean and its magic. However, we cannot deny that over time, more and more rubbish is pouring into our beautiful water world. That is why we have set ourselves the goal of becoming part of the solution and not of the problem.

With small steps we want to get closer to the big picture bit by bit, so in spring 2019 we started to fulfill one of Zeachild's big dreams and released the first sustainable and recycled swimwear collection. There was a small and limited edition of 50 pieces each, which sold like "hot cakes" and inspired overwhelmingly positive feedback.

In summer 2020 we were already able to offer more designs, again in a limited edition. So you can be absolutely sure that you are one of the lucky few owners of our unique swimwear. This edition was inspired by the beautiful and pink sunsets of El Salvador, as we named our model "Amanecer" (Spanish for sunset).

To keep it short and sweet, you can see the exact process here of how valuable fabric for the restoration of activewear can now be obtained from recycled fishing nets and, above all, how our valuable underwater creatures can be spared and protected:





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